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One of the things many businesses don’t, but should be doing out there is video. They think it’s too expensive or too hard to put together. The reality is it can be really easy to put together a video to use to market your business online. But before I get into how one can easily put together their video, let me go into why it’s so important that you use video in your marketing and branding efforts.

Why Video is Important in Marketing Local Businesses

Video is a powerful tool for marketing to local audiences, and here’s the main reason… very few others are doing it (or doing it well, at least). Creating a video takes time and work, or a decent budget. But for those who do it, they’ll stand above their competition that wrote it off as too hard.

When you do it right, marketing your business through video will get you new customers. Here’s why: Youtube is the second most visited website in the world and is owned by Google. But like I said, very few businesses use it. If you have a presence there, you likely will be alone.

What’s more, not only will you be in front of your customers on Youtube, there’s also a great likelihood that your video will show up on the first page of google. The great thing about video when it shows up in google is that it shows up with an image, making you stand out compared to all the other listings. Here’s what a video listing often looks like in google.

Video Listing on GoogleObviously, the color image is going to attract a lot more attention than the text on the page, so your video will likely be the first thing searchers see.

And of course, Google loves providing their users Youtube video when it’s relevant because not only does it have higher user engagement, but they also collect ad revenue off of the video.

So how should you put together your video? Well, some people just do a little introduction of their business filmed on their iphone, webcam, or camcorder. Others create video of them talking through a Powerpoint of images and slides about their business. This can easily be created using a screen capturing software like Quicktime. Another method is using a software like Animoto to create videos by putting together still images and video clips you provide (seeEnid Optometrist, or the video below).

Eye Doctor in Enid, OK – Advantage Eyecare – (580)233-8200 from Stacy C onVimeo.

However you choose to put together your video, be sure to include your logo, phone number, and something in there that’s personalized to you and your identity. If you feel more comfortable hiring this process out, there’s no shortage of people online that will do this for you. You just won’t have as much control over the finished product as you may like.

Well, I hope this helps and encourages you to dive into video marketing. I look forward to sharing more ideas with you in the near future, and if you happen to be in the Enid, OK area, show Dr. Carlson some love and get your eyes checked there.

’til next time!
~ The Faol

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